We buy scrap car parts and car batteries

Recycled Car Batteries and Car PartsThere are all sorts of metals inside a car including copper, aluminum, steel, cast iron, brass, and even platinum. We buy all sorts of car parts, even car batteries, and recycle them. From the tailpipe to the hood, just about everything on a car can be recycled and eventually renewed. If you’re not sure, give us a call and we’ll tell you if we can recycle it, or if someone else can.

Unfortunately we do not recycle entire cars, but if you need assistance we can recommend someone. We also ask that you remove all fluids, especially oil and transmission fluid, before bringing in your parts to recycle. City ordinances restrict removal of fluids at our facility and we also want to try and keep it clean.

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Car parts we buy

  • Car batteries
  • Transmission casings
  • Steel and aluminum wheels
  • Miscellaneous car parts (free of all fluids)
  • Car body parts
  • Electric motors
  • Carburetors

Not sure if we buy it? Give us a call at 253-536-2260.