Recycling in Puget Sound since 1993

A family owned recycling center since 1993 serving Tacoma and the Greater Puget Sound. The Bullard family has been serving in the recycling and scrap industry for over 35 years. We pay fair market prices and are one of the few honest recycling companies in the area.

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Call for pricing, pick ups, or bulk prices at 253-536-2260.

Metals we buy

Aluminum Cans

We buy aluminum cans for recycling. 30 cans typically add up to make one pound of cans. If you have over 100 pounds of cans we’ll give you a price bonus for recycling in bulk. Recycling aluminum is a great way to save for a child’s education, or for a little extra spending money.


Non-Ferrous Metals

We recycle all types of non-ferrous metals. From cans to copper piping to wire to hi-temps like monel and inconel.


Steel and Car Batteries

We buy car batteries and other car parts such as radiators, wheels, hubcaps, transmission casings, alternators, motors, and more. We can’t take anything with oil in it so be sure to drain it before you stop by.


Family Owned and Operated

Who is behind the best recycling company in Tacoma?


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